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May 31, 2017    


It's a tight transitional timetable that EN9100 certified aeronautical companies can expect, with the deadline set at 15 September 2018 for moving on to the 2016 version !
As for QUALIFAS, it has put everything in place and is seeing to it that this transition to the new version is carried out with sufficient resources and in the best possible conditions.

Le Bourget is coming soon. This event will provide an ideal opportunity for communicating on the subject of the 'Scorecard' tool and its deployment throughout the procurement chain with the major prime contractors, in synergy with the "Industrial Performance" project.

It should also be noted that there is also an ever-growing number of SMEs adhering to the transparency guidelines put in place by the Association.

EN9100 - Transition to the 2016 version

The upgrading of the ISO 9001 standard in 2015 has driven the sector-based standards to integrate profound changes. The new 2016 version of the EN9100 series standards shares a joint structure with ISO 9001 and integrates requirements specific to the aeronautics, space and defence sectors.

Making this transition is an essential step for the certified companies.
They will have until 15 September 2018 to do this, knowing that the 2016 version of the standard integrates, among other things, the notions of counterfeit parts, product safety, ethical conduct and human factors.


Industrial companies wishing to be certified according to the 91xx :2016 standards will be able to make the transition at the time of an initial audit, or of a surveillance or renewal audit before 15 September 2018. After this date, 91xx :2009 certifications will no longer be valid and an initial audit will have to be carried out (see EN9104-001).

All of the certification audits will be carried out according to the EN91xx :2016 standards starting from 15 June 2017. However, if the renewal or follow-up audit has been scheduled before that date, the companies will have the possibility of carrying out an EN9100:V2009 audit coupled with a transition audit which will have to be scheduled before 15 September 2018.
In order to assist them in a 9100:2016 certification approach and/or ensure the transition, they will be able to call on a panel of certification organisations and auditors referenced in the "new generation" OASIS database.

In France, QUALIFAS's Certification Body Management Committee (CBMC) is responsible for ensuring that the four French certification organisations (AFNOR CERTIFICATION, BUREAU VERITAS CERTIFICATION FRANCE, LLOYD'S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE FRANCE and SGS ICS SAS) and their auditors meet the transition requirements defined in the "Supplemental Rule - SR003" document issued by IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group).

They must all have the resources and skills required for guaranteeing the renewal of more than 2,000 certificates before the end of the transition. To date, these four organisations and nearly 75% of the panel of authenticated auditors in France have been renewed for the new version.


Objectifs - Déploiement & Formation

The GIFAS/QUALIFAS Scorecard, a benchmark tool for improvement and collaboration with a view to ensuring the success and development of the AeroSpace & Defence Industry (ASD). At last, the same metrics for everyone !

In partnership with GIFAS and SPACE, QUALIFAS will train the consultants working on the "Industrial Performance" project so they can be of assistance to SMEs regarding the deployment of the Scorecard. Training sessions are already scheduled.

On completion of these training courses, some thirty consultants will be in a position to help the SMEs to use the Scorecard (measurement of their suppliers and of their performance with respect to their customers).

But it must not be forgotten that the Scorecard also presents the interest of developing a collaborative effort to achieve a match between the customers' needs and the supplier's commitment, a very real step forwards that should optimise the global aeronautical performance !

QUALIFAS transparency label

In the framework of the monitoring of their maturity, compliance with the product manufacturing processes and control of production flws, the assessed suppliers will be able to highlight their transparency.

For the last four years, QUALIFAS, in the framework of its shared assessments with the suppliers common to all its members, has awarded a "transparency label" to suppliers that accept to place their assessment data (report, corrective actions, etc.) at the disposal of all QUALIFAS members.
The fact of obtaining this label demonstrates the supplier's commitment to transparency in its continuous improvement approach, and means it can avoid having to submit to successive requests for assessments of the same type from different customers.

On the STELIA site in Rochefort, where the meeting was held to draw up a combined monitoring programme for 2017, STELIA and THALES were jointly rewarded as "best labellers". The number of suppliers accepting to play the transparency card by accepting to share their assessment data is growing constantly: to date more than 130 suppliers have already signed this "transparency label" !

This is of course just one step, because our ambition is eventually to see all the suppliers common to our members "labelled" and "transparent".

APQP training

(Advanced Product Quality Planning)
Formation APQP

In order to meet a need expressed by the aircraft manufacturers and in the framework of sharing best practices, a QUALIFAS "APQP level 1" training course has been created, based on the principle "the members train the members". It combines an approach that is both theoretical and hands-on.

Starting from their experience, some members make their skills available for the benefit of the Association's other members. In this context, two companies have created a one-day training course to meet the need for APQP deployment.

The goals are simple: understand the challenges of APQP, structure and steer the project, set up the multidisciplinary team, control the deliverables for each phase of the project, know how to make the link with risk management and the management of special requirements and key characteristics and, lastly, deploy it with the suppliers.
The mastery of good communications and the commitment of the senior management team are major factors for the success of such a project.

The feedback has been extremely positive and encourages us to share, in the longer term, a consistent deployment approach between prime contractors.

infos pratiques


Le Bourget - 19 to 25 June 2017

Hall 2B - CD157 - Gifas zone

QUALIFAS will be present at Le Bourget Air Show - on the Gifas Stand - at your disposal to answer your questions.


Call for candidates

The French CBMC team is calling on the QUALIFAS members to

STRENGTHEN its operational Oversight team and provide support to the members of CBMC from time to time
Need for at least one resource - Estimated workload : 5 % Full-Time Equivalent

STRENGTHEN the operational AAB (Authentication Auditor Body) team
Need for two resources - Estimated workload : 5 % Full-Time Equivalent

Make your contribution !

Contact QUALIFAS to find out more.

Current working groups

"EN9104-01 revision"
Requirements applicable to the certification process for quality management systems
This Working Group has been put in place to define the industrial needs regarding the elaboration of the certification process and thus have a strong, well-argued Franco-Belgian position with respect to IAQG.

"Shared generic requirements"
The goal of this Working Group is to establish a common core of Generic Quality Requirements for the Aerospace & Defence sector. With the participation of the members of the GIFAS Industrial Committee, the first step is to define the strategy that will allow us to successfully define these requirements and the way they must be implemented.





May 31 & June 1st
AAB Committee Meeting - Toulouse

June 19-25
Paris airshow Le Bourget


July 6
Assessment Program Review - Bordeaux


September 7
AAB Committee Meeting - Rueil

September 15
Executive Committee Meeting - Rueil

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