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November 30, 2017    


Boosted by the motivation of all the stakeholders, the transition to the 2016 version of the EN91xx standard will be a success at the international level. France will not be outdone!

The outcome was the same for the QUALIFAS Scorecard, which is being deployed not only locally but also in other countries. This scorecard will be used to measure the performance of the suppliers associated with phase 2 of the GIFAS "Industrial Performance" project.

And that's without counting on the Working Groups in place which are focusing on projects to share methods and practices for the mutual interest of the Supply Chain as a whole!

EN9100 - Transition to the 2016 version

In France, QUALIFAS's Certification Body Management Committee (CBMC) is steering the transition to the new version while ensuring compliance with the requirements defined in the "Supplemental Rule - SR003" document issued by IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group).
SR003 is available to download and view by clicking on this link

The four French certification bodies have successfully completed the transition.

The French Authentication Auditors Body (AAB) recognises the third-party auditors. Between December 2016 and October 2017, 80% of the panel of auditors have been renewed

  • 115 auditors authenticated for EN9100:2016
  • 15 auditors authenticated for EN9110:2016
  • 24 auditors authenticated for EN9120:2016

To date, the number of companies certified for the new version in France is in line with the average rate worldwide (about 10 %). Most companies have pushed back the renewal deadline as far as possible to allow them to prepare themselves as well as possible for this transition which will be ending on 14 September 2018.
And this is not without consequences for the Certifying Bodies, because they will have to ensure the renewal of the customers in a relatively short lapse of time!

In parallel, the new EN91xx Standard, in relation with the chapters of ISO9001:2015, will lead to major changes, both internally for the Prime Contractors and for all of their suppliers. Indeed, chapter 8 "Monitoring Product Obsolescence" will result in a strengthening of product traceability monitoring and of the prevention of counterfeit parts.

In collaboration with Eurosymbiose, QUALIFAS is working on the translation into French of the "Aerospace Auditor Transition Training" (AATT) 91xx:2016 course, with deployment scheduled for the first quarter 2018.


OASIS NextGen enables the aerospace industry to move toward a fully integrated system. The database contains all information related to ICOP certifications, auditors, guidance and audit results. Only general information such as accreditation bodies, certification bodies, certified supplier sites, and approved auditors is publicly accessible. Audit result data access is strictly controlled by the certified organization. The database includes a robust stakeholder feedback process to industry leaders, certification bodies and document representatives.

In order to access OASIS, click on "register to get access" on the OASIS home page or directly via this link https://www.iaqg.org/oasis/register

Once registered, you will be able to find the contact details of the correspondent you are looking for to benefit from the accesses which will depend on your status (Certifying Body, Auditor, Company, etc.).
Should you have any difficulties with this, please contact OASIS support at

Scorecard Fournisseurs

Deployment & Training

At the request of SMEs, a model of the punctuality and conformity indicators has just been deployed by the prime contractors, with the possibility of an associated collaboration solution (shared vision of performance).

The goal: to ensure customers and suppliers understand each other easily, save time and dedicate this time to coordinating their actions to move forwards in terms of efficiency & effectiveness.

The major prime contractors are organising themselves to deploy the Scorecard on the five indicators defined by QUALIFAS. Some of them are already operational on this subject (Dassault Aviation, MBDA, Thales Avionics, ...) and are collaborating closely with their Tier-1 Suppliers.

GIFAS, with the "Industrial Performance" project being conducted in collaboration with Space, represents a major vector for deploying Scorecard to the SMEs.
Twenty-eight Space consultants have therefore been trained to use the QUALIFAS Scorecard, which is going to be implemented at the time of the performance verification on the 325 SMEs in Phase 2 of the GIFAS Industrial Performance project!

For freely accessible reference documents (Punctuality Specifications, Conformity & Format - Deployment milestones - Deployment follow-up table to be completed)
Click on the link below

"Our operational activities" - "live from the suppliers"

Working Groups

In the framework of the Supply Chain optimisation mission and in line with its associative mode of functioning, QUALIFAS is deploying Working Groups (WG) on topics of common interest.

The WGs, made up of its members' representatives, are working on subjects identified by QUALIFAS, or initiated by the GIFAS Quality Committee.
The Scorecard is the outcome of a WG set up in 2015.
2016 saw the launch and success of the WG addressing the EN9100 certification eligibility criteria for suppliers; the deliverable took the form of a "QUALIFAS Recommendation", that the Members have been able make their own and integrate in their own Quality and Supply Chain Management System.

The results were greatly appreciated! The WG initiative is therefore being pursued in 2017 with two new topics:

  • The Generic Common Requirements (GCR), which will constitute the set of supplier requirements common to the Community as a whole.
    By construction, these common requirements will be complementary to the requirements of the ISO, EN and AQAP standards,

  • The putting in place of QUALIFAS training modules for APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) and "Work Transfer", in addition to the QUALIFAS APQP level 1 general training already in place. This course was held in 2017 with a very respectable satisfaction score of 8.3 on a scale going from 0 to 10.

So, QUALIFAS is successfully continuing to share its Members' initiatives for improving the suppliers' Quality and Supply Chain!

QUALIFAS's 2017 activities - Indicators

(October 2017)

Monitoring the EN9100 certification scheme
Target Audits performed
12 audits 6 office - 5 witness
100 % 92 %

EASIS - Supplier database
~5 000 eligible suppliers
non EN certified
34.5 %
EN certified
65.5 %
~1 000 eligible suppliers/common to several members
non EN certified
16 %
EN certified
84 %

Commissioning for EN91xx certification (2015/2017 period)
Target Result obtained
1 802 suppliers 423 certified - 24 ongoing
100 % 25 %

Optimising Supply chain performance
388 supply chain assessments scheduled in 2017
18 participating members
34 still to be scheduled
(54 cancellations)
115 completed
185 scheduled
infos pratiques


QUALIFAS website

QUALIFAS turns over a new leaf

In order to make the most of the perspectives and opportunities offered by the Internet, and overcome obsolescence, strengthen the level of security and improve productivity/readability, QUALIFAS has decided to rethink its website.

This new version will meet the users' needs with new ergonomics/graphics. This tool will be simpler, more user-friendly and flexible with touch browsing, responsive web design display with 3 formats (screen, tablet, smartphone) that will adapt automatically to the user's interface.

QUALIFAS will also gain in autonomy regarding on-line content upgradeability and flexibility.

QUALIFAS Training Organisation recognition

Quality initiative for referencing by the funding bodies

QUALIFAS received its accreditation as a training organisation in May 2014 (No. 11755162175).
In a quality control approach put in place by the law dated 5 March 2014 and its application decree dated 30 June 2015, QUALIFAS was required to provide proof of the quality of its activity in order to be referenced in the catalogue of funding bodies on six criteria and twenty-one indicators.

QUALIFAS is referenced in the "DataDock" official database of organisations approved by the funding bodies under the number 0037690.

Call for candidates

The French CBMC team is calling the QUALIFAS members to
STRENGTHEN the operational AAB (Authentication Auditor Body) team
Need for two resources - Estimated workload : 5 % full-time equivalent

Make your contribution!

Contact QUALIFAS to find out more.





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