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November 14, 2019    


A year has gone by since the end of the Transition to the new version of EN9100. A large number of new third-party auditors have emerged to meet the growing demand for certification. In this context QUALIFAS, via the Auditor Authentication Body (AAB), has proven to be highly responsive, authenticating the new auditors on time!

Certification is an obligation for obtaining recognition of the Quality Management Systems and must enable industrial companies to better steer their level of performance.

In parallel, QUALIFAS is pursuing its pooling initiatives in the area of shared assessments, training, and exchanges of know-how and best practices in the area of control of the supply chain.

At present, our key goal is to effectively make all these activities converge in order to optimise control over supplier risks and performance!

Oversight Day 2019

Day of coordination between the team dedicated to monitoring the EN91xx certification scheme and the scheme dedicated to Third-Party Auditor authentication in the Aeronautics, SPACE & Defence (ASD) sector.

The French aeronautical Certification Body Management Committee (CBMC) is, for the first time, organising a day exclusively reserved for the ICOP assessors and the representatives of the third-party Auditor Authentication Body.

This event, being held for the first time France, was born from the need for collaboration between the players in the two main CBMC bodies, OVERSIGHT and AAB.

This will provide the opportunity to conduct a review of the past year, highlight the points requiring attention and areas for improvement, and also to deal with future issues regarding the analysis and measurement of the auditors’ competence.

This day will be held at AIRBUS HELICOPTERS in Marignane on 10 December 2019. It will make it possible to ensure an efficient transition between members who are leaving and the newly trained members, combining an exchange of knowledge, best practices and conviviality.

EN9100 - 9104-1 Revision

Requirements applicable to the Quality Management Systems certification process - Revision of the Standard.

The EN9104-1 standard, currently being written by the IAQG EN9104-1 working group, has just been published as a “coordination draft” with the goal of collecting the first remarks taking into account the operational issues facing the ASD industrial companies.

Driven by AIRBUS, a team comprising a panel of French industrial companies has made it possible to appropriate the major changes that should see the light of day with this new version.

With a view to improving the certification scheme, the new version includes the Risk approach in the third-party audits in order to deal with the issues related to risk control. As for the new aspects, the focus will now be placed on auditor competence and on reducing the number of structures, only keeping the “single” and “multiple” type structures, which will of course have an impact on the length of the audits.

The text of the “coordination draft” was analysed in its entirety and explained in detail within the dedicated QUALIFAS team to check its applicability and then to facilitate any remarks and suggestions for rewording the current text.

“ASD Supplier Steering/Supervision” Seminar


Novotel Orly/Rungis, 4 April 2019

An intense day of exchanges within the QUALIFAS community on the best practices to be put in place in the framework of constructive steering of suppliers.

Although the term “supplier steering” is widely used today, not to say hackneyed, the fact is the prime contractors’ steering/supervision systems present a range of realities.

Understanding the challenges of supplier assessment, mastering the risk analysis tools, steering their performance, putting in place the assessment process and measuring its effectiveness, but also ensuring that an improvement plan is put in place.

The contributors told us about their experience and the best practices used.

The latest changes made to the IAQG’s SCMH model and its tools were presented, while allowing a dynamic and constructive participation by the audience, made up of some fifty people (19 companies).

The four workshops were much appreciated, and led to the launch of two new working groups:

  • Efficient supplier/product/project supervision, and
  • Improved supplier supervision by using “third party” results

with the goal of making “recommendations” available for use in the processes.
Everyone was motivated for moving towards a shared structured approach to analysis and continuous improvement.


In the framework of strengthening of Quality in development / industrialisation and spreading the utilisation of APQP (product/process approach), awareness-raising in the form of APQP training courses has been deployed, and scaled up since 2017 with the Industrial Prime Contractors. Are they ready to shift up a gear?

The APQP Level 1 training has now been widely deployed among the QUALIFAS members.

As a general rule, the courses take place over one day, combining theory, case studies and examples of deployment. This last aspect was of particular interest owing to its practical approach. This is what gave this course its distinctive nature and made it “unique”.

The “APQP Phase Planning” and “SR_CI_KC” (Special Requirements / Critical Items / Key Characteristics), modules were also finalised and will be able to meet the need of industrial companies entering the APQP deployment phase.

The Working Group has identified two new areas of development, with two new modules based on the same concept: “Control of the supplier risk with APQP” and “How to deploy the APQP within your company”.

It should also be noted that QUALIFAS takes not to neglect its network of suppliers, by sharing its experience and know-how with the sector as a whole, and in partnership with SPACE for the SMEs.


APQP SR_CI_KC module test session at GIFAS on 12 July 2019

QUALIFAS pooling activities - Indicators

(November 2019)

Monitoring the EN9100 certification scheme –2019
Target Audits performed
16 audits 16 audits
100 % 100 %

Authority for EN91xx certification (2018/2019 period)
Target Result obtained
685 suppliers 125 certified - 16 ongoing
40 % 20.60 %

Supply chain performance optimisation
166 supply chain assessments scheduled in 2019
14 participating members
10 cancelled 122 completed/ongoing
3 postponed to 2020
infos pratiques


Revision of the Standards - Continuous improvement

“EN9104-3 Revision” - Ballot and future publication

Requirements applicable to the Quality Management System in the ASD sector (SMQA).
Training and Qualification of the Third-Party Auditors

The “Ballot draft” of the new EN9104-3 standard was published in October 2019 for analysis of applicability over a three-month period. The text will be explained in detail within the dedicated QUALIFAS team on 28 November 2019.

Publication and deployment are scheduled in 2020.

Industrial companies, if you are interested in this subject, contact QUALIFAS!




“New Chair”

Congratulations to Marie-Laurence PETIT for her promotion!

Since May 2019, Marie-Laurence PETIT, AIRBUS, has taken over from Susie NEAL, COLLINS Aero, as President of the OPMT (Other Party Management Team), one of IAQG’s three operational activities.

Her first mission will be to steer the EN91xx certification scheme and put it into application in the three regions: the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific.

Information/Training days

“OP Assessor Training”

Qualification training course for leading supervision operations per the EN9104-2 Standard

The European “Other Party Assessor Training” course on 12, 13 and 14 November 2019 in Toulouse counts 15 candidates, 6 of whom are French, who should be joining our current ICOP scheme supervision team.

The training slides are available on the IAQG website:


“Auditors’ Day 2020”

Qualification training course for ASD third-party auditors

The CBMC is organising a new edition of the course intended for ASD auditors. This event will offer the players in the scheme the opportunity to discuss best practices regarding the ICOP scheme, the deployment of the new 9104-3 standard and the scheme’s future developments.

This event, sponsored by ARIANEGROUP, is open to the players in the French certification scheme. It will be held on the Mureaux Campus (78) on 25 and 26 June 2020.





14 November
Supply Chain operational committee - Rueil

12-14 November
OP Assessor training - Toulouse

21 November
AAB/OC harmonisation - Rueil

22 November
Plenary CBMC - Paris

28 November
Bureau QUALIFAS board - Rueil


10 December
Oversight Day - Marignane

11 December
AAB meeting - Marignane

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