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June 28, 2018    



The new focus at QUALIFAS, in addition to the certification of quality management systems and of “process/product” monitoring with the suppliers, is APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning).
This method, recommended for the control of quality in the framework of the development of new products, is supported by IAQG and GIFAS.

Meeting the customers’ needs, anticipating any potential non-quality issues at the earliest possible moment, “getting it right first time” and cutting costs are major challenges for our industry!

For this purpose, APQP is making a process and tools available to ensure the control of the design, industrialisation (resources required for manufacturing the product) and inspection plans (processes for verifying that the product actually complies with its specifications).
It also takes into account all of the customer’s requirements (technical, functional, maintainability, quality) and makes it possible to verify that they are effectively deployed in the product’s definition, industrialisation and inspection plans.

Originating in the automobile industry, APQP is going to become one of our industry’s key Standards.
QUALIFAS will be contributing actively to its deployment!

EN9100 - Transition to the 2016 version

In France, QUALIFAS's Certification Body Management Committee (CBMC) is steering the transition to the new version while ensuring compliance with the requirements defined in the "Supplemental Rule - SR003" document issued by IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group).
SR003 is available to download and view by clicking on this link

Just three months before the end of the transition phase (in line with that of ISO9001 :2015), the certificates of companies that have not completed their process by 14 September 2018 will expire.
Owing to the accumulated delays, IAQG has revised the initial requirements of SR-003. These new provisions will make it possible to extend the end-of-transition deadline under certain conditions.

Companies that have started the process before the 14 September 2018 deadline will benefit from an extension and will have until 15 March 2019 to finalise their transition.
Otherwise, the initial certification process will be compulsory in order to obtain 9100/9110/9120 :2016 certification.

Today, in France the panel of companies certified for the new version has reached 50%.
The CBMC is in charge of supervising the ICOP scheme, via QUALIFAS-member companies.

French certification organisations

French certification organisations

At QUALIFAS, the AAB committee authenticates the third-party auditors working for the French certification organisations.

All of the ICOP scheme players are referenced in the OASIS database - click on the following link for access


Between December 2016 and June 2018, 95% of the panel of auditors were renewed on the new baselines.

Panel Auditeur

The end of the transition phase is approaching and the efforts to ensure transparency and trust between the different players must be pursued to allow the companies that have made the least progress to achieve their transition to the new version of EN9100.



In the framework of the monitoring of maturity, compliance with the product manufacturing processes and control of the production flows, the assessed suppliers are being offered the opportunity to display their transparency.

In the framework of its shared assessments of its members’ common suppliers, QUALIFAS awards a “transparency label” to the suppliers who accept to make their assessment data available (report, corrective actions, etc) to the contributing member companies.

The fact of obtaining this label demonstrates the supplier’s positive attitude regarding transparency in its continuous improvement approach and means it can avoid having to submit to successive assessments of the same type requested by different customers.

Today, more than 160 suppliers have already received this label!
Of course, this is just one step because our ambition is that eventually all the suppliers common to our members should be “transparent” and have the “label”.

Working Groups

Regarding its mission to optimise the Supply Chain and in line with its associative way of functioning, QUALIFAS deploys Working Groups (WG) on topics of shared interest.

The WGs, made up of its members' representatives, are working on subjects identified by QUALIFAS, or initiated by the GIFAS Quality Committee.
The Scorecard is the outcome of a WG set up in 2015.
2016 saw the launch and success of the WG addressing the EN9100 certification eligibility criteria for suppliers; the deliverable took the form of a "QUALIFAS Recommendation", that the Members have been able make their own and integrate in their own Quality and Supply Chain Management System.

The results were greatly appreciated! The WG initiative is therefore being pursued in 2018 with two new topics:

  • The Common Generic Requirements (CGR), which will constitute the set of supplier requirements common to the Community as a whole.
    By construction, these common requirements will be complementary to the requirements of the ISO, EN and AQAP standards.
    There will be two possible situations: either the QUALIFAS member recognises the SGR / CGR system, or it applies it.

    Requirements quality
  • APQP training modules

    The goal is to improve the skills of the QUALIFAS members regarding APQP by sharing skills, know-how and experience, and to allow the network of SMEs to benefit from these works, in collaboration avec Space.
    Three themes were validated as being priorities:

    1. SR/CI/KC (Special Requirements / Critical Items / Key Characteristics)
    3. APQP elements

      The Group is working on the design of the training material, so the instructors can then be validated and the test sessions can be carried out over one day - half-theoretical and half-practical - with a concrete example of deployment (same structure as the APQP level 1 module already successfully deployed at QUALIFAS).


At the request of SMEs, a model of the punctuality and conformity indicators has just been deployed by the prime contractors, with the possibility of an associated collaboration solution (shared vision of performance).
The goal: to ensure customers and suppliers understand each other easily, save time and dedicate that time to coordinating their actions to move forwards in terms of efficiency & effectiveness.


The QUALIFAS Scorecard is being deployed to measure the performance of SMEs and micro-enterprises taking part in GIFAS’s Industrial Performance Project, which counts more than 200 companies to date.

Through this second phase of the project which will be ending at the beginning of 2020, about 325 French aeronautical SMEs and micro-enterprises will have familiarised themselves with the calculation and utilisation of the Scorecard, essentially regarding three indicators: OTD - On Time Delivery, DV - Delay Average and IER - Item Escape Rate. The QUALIFAS Scorecard’s five indicators will be deployed gradually by the major French aeronautical prime contractors (AIRBUS, DASSAULT AVIATION, MBDA, SAFRAN, THALES, etc.) to their Supply Chain.

Eventually, the SMEs and micro-enterprises will in turn deploy it to their suppliers to boost the process to harmonise the performance measurements through to the end of the chain and promote Quality in the drive for excellence!

For freely accessible reference documents (Punctuality Specifications, Conformity & Format - Deployment Milestones - Deployment Follow-up Table to be completed)

click on the link below

"Our operational activities" - "live from the suppliers"

QUALIFAS pooling activities - Indicators

(June 2018)

Monitoring the EN9100 certification scheme - 2018
Target Audits performed
15 audits 6 office - 2 witness
100 % 53 %

EASIS - Supplier database - June 2018
~5 000 eligible suppliers
non EN certified
32 %
EN certified
68 %
~1 000 eligible suppliers/common to several members
non EN certified
14 %
EN certified
86 %

Commissioning for EN91xx certification (2015/2018 period)
Target Result obtained
784 suppliers 104 certified - 26 ongoing
100 % 16.5 %

Supply chain performance optimisation
280 supply chain assessments scheduled in 2018
14 participating members
113 still to be scheduled 16 completed
161 scheduled
infos pratiques


New certification organisation


Further to accreditation on 1st June 2018 by COFRAC, and on behalf of the French aeronautical, space and defence industries, and after validation by its representatives, the French CBMC has recognised APAVE Certification’s accreditation with respect to the 9100: 2016 standard based on ISO9001: 2015. The services performed will from now on therefore be recognised at the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) level.

Continued recognition within the ICOP (Industry Controlled Other Party) scheme is subject to compliance with the requirements of the standards in the EN9104 series.

Information/training day

Auditors’ Day

QUALIFAS renews its biennial day for third-party auditors on 30 November 2018. At the end of the transition, this is indeed the right time for taking stock, discussing best practices regarding the ICOP scheme and presenting concrete cases. Experts will make presentations in areas such as the EN9104 and 91XX series of standards, the OASIS database, etc.
The guests to this day will include ASD (Aeronautics Space and Defence) third party auditors, the EN91xx certification organisations, the ICOP assessor OPs, the COFRAC aero technical assessors.

Upgrading the Standards - Call for candidates

“EN9104-01 revision”

Requirements applicable to the certification processes for Quality Management Systems

This Working Group is being put in place to define the needs of companies regarding the elaboration of the certification process and thus ensure we have a strong, well-argued Franco-Belgian position with respect to the IAQG.
On the basis of one or two WebEx meetings a month, steered by Airbus, this European WG is open to all QUALIFAS members wishing to contribute to upgrading the 91xx certification framework.

Make your contribution!

Contact QUALIFAS to find out more.





10 July
“Shared assessments” consolidation – ATR Toulouse

11 July
“Common Generic Quality Requirements” WG – QUALIFAS Rueil


30 August
Supply Chain Operational Committee - WebEx


6 September
AAB Committee - QUALIFAS Rueil

14 September
QUALIFAS Board - Rueil

19-20 September
EAQG meeting - the Netherlands

26-27 September
EAQG OPMT meeting - London

27 September
GIFAS Quality Board - Paris


16-19 October
IAQG meeting - South Korea


8 November
AAB/OC harmonisation day - Rueil

9 November
CBMC - Cofrac Paris

13 November
Supply Chain operational committee - WeBex

22 November
GIFAS Quality Board - TBD

30 November
Auditors’ Day - Airbus Toulouse

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